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Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship has created a landscape within the business world, a landscape that is defined by small businesses backed by big ideas and ambitions.  It has paved a way for those who wish to take the road less traveled and think more creatively beyond the regular borders and parameters that the strict business world has put up. It goes even beyond business; it’s a lifestyle, attitude, and a paradigm that can be applied to nearly every other kind of endeavor. Within such a lifestyle, you have more leeway to think outside-the-box with how you overcome challenges and issues. Entrepreneurship isn’t restricted to business, but you can imagine the nearly endless possibilities that may arise when it’s applied to business. Here are a few things that entrepreneurs do differently, and how they can be applied to businesses:


Being brave, brave enough to commit to big dreams. Starting a brand-new business is no walk in the park, and neither is maintaining or developing it. It’s very risky, especially because the reality is that you have to start from somewhere, even if you’re starting from nothing

Thinking of customers before yourself. If you’re empathic and can relate with other customers, then it’s possible for you to think of ways to be able to help them. This will be what ultimately propels your vision for your business.

“In your darkest, most frustrated hours, remember the value you are trying to add to peoples’ lives, the satisfaction you’ll feel, or the cause that you’ll further.” -Guy Kawasaki, former Apple Chief Evangalist, Marketing Specialist, Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist

Always learning. When you’re starting a new business, you’re basically inventing EVERYTHING; the processes, the protocols, the resourcing, etc. Almost never is it the case that you’ll start off perfectly, so you’ll need to learn as you go to improve how you run your business and ultimately grow it.

"I see life almost like one long University education that I never had-everyday I'm learning something new." - Richard Branson, Billionaire Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Not giving up. Being an entrepreneur in the business world can be hard and stressful. It takes time, hard work, and dedication to turn an idea for a service into something substantial for a business, and the work you give will determine how much your business can give back.

Finding and giving something the world needs. Not just any idea can be made into a business. It needs to be something unique that will benefit others that people can get behind and champion. Usually, it’s something that sparks out of a personal event, a chance encounter, or backstory.

“That’s what it means to be an entrepreneur: to really focus on that one thing that does not exist yet and keep working towards it until it becomes real" -Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, Spoken Word Poet, Founder of Moving Earth Productions

Thriving off failure. Let’s be honest, you’ll probably fail A LOT. But don’t treat it as a bad thing. Failure is inevitable, it’s another opportunity to learn and improve on past mistakes, and it’s a way to push your limits over and over again. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." - Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company


Making old ideas better. Sometimes, the best ideas aren’t the newest ones; they’re the old ones with a unique spin. Plus, it’s usually a lot easier to reinvent the wheel than replacing it with something new altogether.

"The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out." -Dee Hock, Founder and former CEO of Visa

Being a doer. GET. THINGS. DONE. At the end of the day, a great idea is nothing more than an idea unless it’s put on paper and acted on. This is what keeps an idea from fading into the past, and allows it to put a mark on the present/ future and define what it is to be an entrepreneur.

The business world is always in need of entrepreneurs to facilitate everything that customers do and want. There are endless possibilities for people and their ideas to continue changing this landscape for the better.

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