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Android Pay-What Are The Key Features?

After almost a year of Apple Pay availability, Android Pay is finally joining the battle. Android Pay will be bringing out the big guns, as the battle for new payment technologies heightens. With new features and upgrades to its predecessor Google Wallet, Android Pay hopes to give Apple Pay a run for its money.

So, What is New from Android Pay?


New Android Pay Key Features

  •  Universality- Google has confirmed 700,000 store locations as well as 1000 apps that will allow the Android Pay process. 
  • Open Source- Android Pay is built as an open source feature, allowing developers to utilize and build apps with Android Pay. This will allow the additions of compatible apps daily. 
  • Processing Compatibility- A universal development for payment processing will allow compatibility with any payment processor. These include Braintree, CyberSource, First Data, Stripe and Vantiv. Any developer will be able to easily integrate Android Pay into their app. 

  • Security Features- Google has set security features exceeding any of their competitors. These features include wearable technologies such as the Google watch only allowing access Android Pay while your smart phone is in proximity of your watch. Bio-metrics such as the finger print and voice recognition allowing access to only the owner. Virtual account numbers, knows as tokenization, that provide an extra layer of security by never using your actual card information. Lastly an Android device manager feature used to instantly lock your device from anywhere, secure it with a new password or even wipe it clean of your personal information

  •  Layered Payment Information- The virtual account number or tokenization will save your layered payment information allowing instant payment for any app integrated with Android Pay while still keeping it secure. This means that you will never have to enter you card information again!
  • Rewards Programs- Google announced its integrated rewards programs feature that many are joining. This is something no other company has done yet and is creating large hype.

    It is quite evident that we are moving towards wallet less payment systems.Both Android and Apple payment features are predicted to increase in popularity during the next years. With the addition of the EMV October Law on top of Android and Apple Pay, business are being encouraged to upgrade payment portals to meet new standards. These standards will be a crucial change for business prosperity as the consumer begins to demand new payment capabilities. If you take payments in any form, this will affect your business. Leasing payment equipment is a thing of the past. Save thousands by buying and owning your own brand new NFC compatible payment portal from and begin accepting Android and Apple Pay today! For businesses taking on this unavoidable payment upgrade, will provide you with:

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