$134.00 USD
$134.00 USD

Accept EMV & Digital Wallets

Enables merchants to accept EMV Chip & Sign, NFC contactless cards, digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, as well as magstripe payments

Robust Security

Advanced encryption technology ensures secure, reliable operation in mPOS applications

Remote Updates

Over-the-air firmware updates and remote key injection facilitate field-level upgrades

Wide Range of OSs

Compatible with most smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS

Walker C2X Details

Walker C2X is a compact, powerful card reader that supports EMV Chip & Sign, contactless payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay, and magstripe payment technologies.

For convenience, a removable sticky pad is available to firmly adhere the card reader to a paired device.

Walker C2X’s embedded card reader expands a merchant’s ability to process card-present transactions anytime, anywhere via swipe, dip or tap. The device is also well suited for enterprise applications, whether part of a fixed tablet POS, or when integrated with mobile line-busting and tableside payment applications.

Firmware updates and key injection are supported via remote OTA (Over-the-Air) transmission, ensuring the device stays current. Walker C2X can be integrated with POS and payment apps using intuitive APIs and SDK developer tools or can be part of an end-to-end custom mobile payment solution.

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