Verifone Mx830 - Grey Scale Signature Capture Pin Pad (M094-307-04-R)

Verifone Mx830 - Grey Scale Signature Capture Pin Pad (M094-307-04-R)

$450.00 USD
$450.00 USD

**All pin-pads must be physically injected with a security key to function. This can be done by your Processor or Click Here for Injection Services Offered by Card Machine Outlet.**

The MX 830 is designed for demanding multi-lane environments, the MX 830 is a robust, consumer-facing payment system that makes quick work of even the most complex payment and value-added transactions.

The MX 830 is exceptionally durable and stands up to heavy-use environments. Keys are laser-etched to preserve letters and numbers. The touch screen uses specially hardened glass that resists scratching for a clear view over the life of the device. The non-mechanical stylus has no moving parts or electronics to fail. Plus, field-replaceable modules allow the addition of contactless payment or emerging technologies to preserve investments over time. A smart card reader is factory optional. Does not include powerpack.

Mx 830 FULL Specifications

Mx 830 Accessories:

MX8XX Contactless Module GEN 3 (P090-913-01-R)

Verifone Mx 830 Blue Cable (23741-02-R)

Verifone Mx 830 Green Cable (23740-02-R)

Verifone Power Supply Mx 830 / Mx 850/ Mx 860 (CPS11212D-1B-R)

Multiport Y-cable (Ethernet + power) for MX8xx series (26928-02-R)

2" Swivel Stand, for MX8xx (225-7580-04)

Low Profile Swivel Stand for the MX8xx series (225-7581-04)


32-bit 200 MHz

Operating system
Embedded Linux with Verifone
security enhancements; MX platform

Form Agent, IBM EFT, NCR EFT

32 MB SDRAM + 32 MB Flash
Field upgradeable via USB Flash memory drives

16-shade grayscale, backlit, ¼ VGA resolution

Built-in animation capability

Multi-tone buzzer

Recessed for privacy
13 laser-etched tactile keys +
4 screen-addressable ATM-style keys

Touch Screen
Chemically-hardened glass
Capacitive technology
Factory option

Signature Capture
Field upgradeable option (with touch screen)

Stylus Pen
Field upgradeable option

Magnetic Card Reader
Triple-track, bi-directional
Software-controllable LED prompt

Smart Card Reader

ISO 14443 AB certified
Optional, field upgradeable module

Connectivity / Communications
Cable: supports Verifone multiport cables with cable sensing
USB: Device and Host capability
Ethernet: 10/100BaseT (factory option)
Serial Interfaces: RS-232, RS-485,
IBM Tailgate

Security / Encryption
Master Session
Triple DES

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