Verifone Mx870, SIG CAP, 128Mb, Ethernet, 2.0, Terminal, PIN Pad, EMV (M094-109-01)

Verifone Mx 870, SIG CAP, 128Mb, Ethernet, 2.0, Terminal, PIN Pad, EMV NFC (M094-107-01-R)

$700.00 USD
$700.00 USD

**All pin-pads must be physically injected with a security key to function. This can be done by your Processor or Click Here for Injection Services Offered by Card Machine Outlet.**

Attract Consumers with Video, Sound and Simple Payments

Offer consumers more with the MX 870's vibrant, full-color, touch-screen display, complete with video capabilities, high-quality sound and complete payment security - all from a single, easy-to-use networked device

Mx 870 Product Specifications

Mx 870 Accessories:

MX8XX Contactless Module GEN 3 (P090-913-01-R)

Verifone Mx 870 Blue Cable (23741-02-R)

Verifone Mx 870 Green Cable (23740-02-R)

Verifone Power Supply Mx 830 / Mx 850/ Mx 860 (CPS11212D-1B-R)

Multiport Y-cable (Ethernet + power) for MX8xx series (26928-02-R)

2" Swivel Stand, for MX8xx (225-7580-04)

Low Profile Swivel Stand for the MX8xx series (225-7581-04)


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