nCLOSE 30-Pin Y-Cable

nCLOSE 30-Pin Y-Cable (SEC_0030)

$33.75 USD
$33.75 USD

***Select this Option Only if using a 30-Pin Card Reader***
The nCLOSE 30-Pin Y-Cable is required if you want to use an Apple 30-Pin mobile credit card reader within the nCLOSE enclosure. This replaces the need for the OEM Apple Cables being used within the nCLOSE enclosure. 30-Pin Male end plugs into the Apple iPad 30-Pin port, the Female 30-Pin portion plugs into the reader once it's secured into the credit card reader insert and the Male USB cable (of the Y-cable) is plugged into a separate cable (the external port Female USB cable).

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