Ingenico iSC 250 EMV NFC Terminal (iSC250-01P2395A)

Ingenico iSC 250 EMV NFC Terminal (iSC250-01P2395A)

$615.00 USD
$615.00 USD

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Encryption Service

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Multi Lane Encryption and Application Load Service


A compact payment powerhouse, making a large impact at the point of sale

Interact with your customers in ways that were never before possible with our sleek new iSC Touch 250 – the fast, secure PCI PTS V4.0 approved payment solution that energizes your brand and loyalty-building programs. Combining signature capture and touchscreen technologies in a robust, compact design, the iSC Touch 250 showcases a full range of revenue producing promotions – ads, videos, couponing, targeted up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, gift card sales, extended warranties, digital signage and more – on a colorful, interactive, high-resolution touchscreen display that engages and involves your customer throughout the payment process. For multilane retail checkout, sales kiosks and self-service environments, the iSC Touch 250 is the most reliable, flexible and interactive payment device on the market.
Product Specifications Sheet

Summary of Benefits

  • Built on the market-leading Telium2 technology platform with a dual processor architecture.
  • Among the first POS devices available in the U.S. to meet the latest PCI PTS V4 security standards and is SRED V2 approved (in non-contactless mode).
  • Supports the latest international security algorithms, including DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session.
  • Delivers powerful performance in a small, robust package with a bright color easy-to-use display, stereo sound, and backlit keypad for PIN entry protection.
  • Gives options to accept all forms of payment including MSR, EMV, contactless and mobile NFC.
  • Comes with payment technologies already embedded with no need to add on component upgrades.
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