Ingenico Terminals iPP220

Ingenico Pinpad: iPP220 PIN Pad w/Contactless (IPP220-01P1841A)

$130.00 USD
$130.00 USD

**All pin-pads must be physically injected with a security key to function. This can be done by your Processor or Click Here for Injection Services Offered by Card Machine Outlet.**

The Ingenico iPP220, used in conjunction with the iCT220 or iCT250, gives merchants the ability to accept PIN-debit payments through a proven plug-and-play device. The iPP220 is compact, rugged, and easy to use for merchants and consumers alike.

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Full Ingenico iPP220 Product Details

Brand: Ingenico
Model: iPP220
Part Number: IPP220-01P1841A
Connectivity: USB
EMV Smart Card Reader: No
NFC Contactless Reader: Yes
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Tech Notes: All PIN pads must be injected with your service provider's encryption key before they will work with your terminal/ POS system.

What's Included:

  • Ingenico iPP220 (IPP220-01P1841A) PIN pad
  • iPP220 to USB cable
  • One year manufacturer warranty
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