Hypercom Terminals T4210

Hypercom Terminals: T4210 EMV Dial 24Mb (010332-358R)

$209.00 USD
$209.00 USD

The Optimum T4210 EMV from Equinox Payments is an affordable, easy to use credit card terminal, and an economical way to meet the new EMV requirements coming in 2015. The T4210 EMV includes 24MB of total memory, a powerful ARM9 processor for fast transactions, an EMV-ready smart card reader (aka chip card reader), and the ability to support multiple applications.

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Full Hypercom T4210 Dial Product Details

Brand: Equinox Payments
Model: T4210 EMV
Part Number:
32-bit ARM9 processor
Memory: 24MB (8MB Flash/ 16MB SD-RAM)
Modem: V.34/33.6Kbps dial up
Ethernet Port:
EMV Smart Card Reader: EMV level 1 and 2 compliant
NFC Contactless Reader: None
Printer: Thermal clamshell, 15 lines per second
Display: 160 x 80 LCD with graphics
Internal PIN Pad: PCI PTS approved
Additional Ports:
RS-232, External PIN Pad

What's Included:

  • Equinox Payments Optimum T4210 (010332-358R) credit card terminal
  • Power supply
  • Roll of paper
  • Phone cord
  • Generic keypad overlay
  • One year manufacturer warranty
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