Handpoint HiPro  iPhone sleeve EMV and NFC (BLUEPAD-500)

Handpoint HiPro iPhone sleeve EMV and NFC (BLUEPAD-500)

$450.00 USD
$450.00 USD


The HiPro is a portable PIN pad used with an iPhone or an iPod touch inserted in its cradle. It accepts EMV Chip & PIN, Chip & Signature and magnetic stripe cards. It offers the highest quality, meeting the latest EMV and PCI requirements. Our HiPro solution integrates a high-end barcode reader and meets the needs of all types of retailers by enabling scanning of multiple items. It has two dedicated card reader slots - one slot for chip and PIN and one slot for magnetic stripe cards.

Connection Options:

  • Lightning with iOS, the Apple device has to be plugged into the HiPro cradle

Technical specifications:

  • Battery lifetime in use: Approximately 21 hours (used CONTINUOUSLY for transactions)
  • Battery lifetime on standby: Approximately 29 hours
  • W x L x H - 68 x 145 x 27 mm (2.7 x 5.7 x 1.1 inch)
  • Weight - 160 gr.
  • Power - Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 3.7 V / 1300 mAh
In the box
HiPro iPhone Sleeve
Charging cable

Card Reader Comparison

Feature / Card Reader HiLite HiPro
Magnetic stripe Yes Yes
Chip Yes Yes
NFC (Apple pay) Optional Optional
Barcode scanner No Yes
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