Handpoint HiLite Bluetooth Stand (BLUEPAD-50STAND)

Handpoint HiLite Bluetooth Stand (BLUEPAD-50STAND)

$80.00 USD
$80.00 USD

Stand and Charger for HiLite Bluetooth Card Reader

Handpoint HiLite  Bluetooth  EMV & NFC/MobilePay (BLUEPAD-50)

Handpoint HiLite  Bluetooth  EMV & NFC/MobilePay (BLUEPAD-50)

The Hilite is the most compact and lightweight payment solution on the market, offers the highest standards of quality, and meets the latest EMV and PCI requirements. It accepts all forms of payment: EMV Chip & PIN and Chip & Signature, magnetic stripe and contactless (NFC, Apple Pay and more). The HiLite delivers power and usability in a small, convenient and stylish device that fits in the palm of your hand. It has two dedicated card reader slots - one slot for chip and PIN and one slot for magnetic stripe cards.

Connection Options :

  • Bluetooth with a desktop application (PC)
  • Bluetooth with iOS, Android and Win CE mobile applications

Technical specifications:

  • Battery lifetime in use: Approximately 4h (used continuously for transactions)
  • Battery lifetime on standby: Approximately 7h
  • W x L x H - 13 x 110 x 69 mm (0.5 x 4.3 x 2.7 inch)
  • Weight - 120 gr.
  • Power - Li-Ion battery 3.7V, 270 mAh

In the box
HiLite Bluetooth enabled chip and card reader
Charging cable 

Card Reader Comparison

Feature / Card Reader HiLite HiPro
Magnetic stripe Yes Yes
Chip Yes Yes
NFC (Apple pay) Optional Optional
Barcode scanner No Yes


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