DynaPro USB with NFC and Signature Capture (MAG30056028)

DynaPro USB with NFC and Signature Capture (MAG30056028)

$525.00 USD
$525.00 USD

MagTek understands the flexibility needed in today's changing card technology environment, and stays ahead of the competition with DynaPro. The DynaPro is a secure PIN-entry device. It protects the cardholder data whether it is read using the MagneSafe - Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA), contact or contactless smart card reader. It is the most comprehensive, end-to-end security solution available. Prevent card data breaches without compromising the speed and convenience of your cardholders' financial transactions with DynaPro.

Need to get it encrypted to take pin number debit? Encryption service only $35!

Encryption Service



Part# 30056028
Alternative Part# MAG-30056028
Weight 2.05lbs
Width 10.50"
Length 10.70"
Height 2.90"
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