Ingenico Terminals: IWL220 Bluetooth (IWL222-01P1489A)

Ingenico Terminals: iWL220/iWL222 Bluetooth (IWL222-01P1489A)

$549.00 USD
$549.00 USD
The iWL200 series is the lightest and smallest on the market. Compact, easy to handle and carry, it ensures top-notch payment convenience for cardholders and merchants alike. With the iWL200 series, Ingenico allows you to keep a full set of payment capabilities, including card readers – smart card, magnetic card, embedded contactless – signature capture on iWL280, and all 800+ Ingenico Telium applications and services in your pocket. As the world leader in secure transaction and payment systems, Ingenico’s wireless terminal solutions are designed to meet state-of-the-art security standards such as EMV and PCI PTS V2.

Hardware Specifications

High-Speed Internet   (through ethernet network cable)
Dial-Up   (phone line) Can be used as Primary or Backup
Bluetooth Wireless Range Up to 200 Meters
Terminals Per Communication Base Up to 5 Units (using Ethernet)
Card Readers
EMV (Chip-Card) Reader
NFC (Tap & Pay) Reader
Magnetic Stripe
Manually Keyed
Optional Customer Tip Prompts Amount, Percentage & Tip Recommendations
Clerk / Server IDs and Reports
Battery Type Lithium-Ion 2050mAh - 3.6V
Battery Life 72 Hours Idle - 150 Transactions
Thermal Printer
Printer Speed 30 Lines per Second
Paper Rolls 2-1/4" Thermal Paper - 60'
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