TellerScan 240 Scanner (50 DPM with Inkjet and Franker)

TellerScan 240 Scanner ( 50 DPM with Inkjet) (TS240-50IJ)-Digital Check

$895.00 USD
$895.00 USD
The TellerScan 240-50IJ is the 5th generation batch fed scanner from Digital Check. Built on the successful legacy of the TS230 line of scanners, the TS240-50IJ incorporates the features for which banks are looking in a check scanner: fast to deploy, easy to install, easy to support, and a fool proof design. This new generation of scanner features advanced 300 dpi non-contact cameras that improve CAR/LAR rates and reduce the number of rescans -- even checks with folds and wrinkles will read more accurately. Supporting the new scanner is our latest API which incorporates automatic image rotation and scanner diagnostics. Scanner diagnostics quickly determine the cause of most user problems and assists the user in correcting the problem.
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