Ingenico Lane 8000 7 inch display deluxe WiFi / BT

Ingenico Lane 8000 7" Display Deluxe WiFi / BT (PRH32610402A)

$835.00 USD
$835.00 USD

Ingenico PRH32610402A Deluxe Model Lane 8000. Deluxe 7" TN Display, Color/Touch Screen, USB, RS232, PoE, Contactless, Ethernet, Tailgate, Ethernet Switch, Wi-Fi, BLE, BT UPP/SI

  • Engage consumers with a large multimedia touchscreen
  • Improve checkout experience with quicj and easy payment options
  • Integrate simply into any environment
  • Help reduce PCI-DSS audit scope
  • Seamless configuration options
  • Increase payment security
  • A PCI PTS 5.x certified device
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